Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Sunday Long Run-Waterfall

Sunday was to be a 3:10 hour run.  A few weeks ago, Trina, Tegan, and I had decided to do a foothills trail run.  They say running hills is supposed to make you faster.  (Not sure why because I can guarantee that I am a freaking snail).

I wake early as always to eat my wonderful oatmeal and get my act together.  I can't plan for my runs very well the night before.  Tegan calls in the morning and her sitter has cancelled.  Well, damn!  I appreciate Tegan on these runs because she and I are at a similar speed.  Now I am left to trailing behind Trina.  She is a very bold motivator though.  I hate being the caboose and having someone wait for me especially because I had never run this trail before.

We start at Camel's Back Park and head on up towards the Hull's Gulch Trailhead.  Feeling nice, definitely trying to keep up with Trina.  Realize when we hit the trailhead that if I want to run for 3 hours to chill out. She moves ahead and lets me know that she will meet me at the top of the Lower Hull's Gulch trail.  I walk/run my way up there.  Stumbling over the rocks.  I had forgotten how steep that can be.  Trina is waiting.......

We then head up towards the waterfall trail.  It is just amazing.  The colors are changing, the trail is covered in a ridiculous amount of animal poo.  Not sure which kind but had bump and weave my through it.  The trail as we start climbing is sort of switchbacks and bridges.  The view is amazing on the overcast day that we were having.

We make it 7.5 up to the rocks.  The view of the city is spectacular.  We both wished we ran with cameras.  Then we start our descent down the hill.  We both are flying down.  The grade is nice and pushes us along.  Once again Trina waits at the Lower Hulls area.

Once we stopped there, my stomach decided to do some topsy turvy work.  I had to walk it off.  My legs and knees were definitely tired.  I meet Trina at Camel's Back and we are at 2:51.  I bet you can guess what I did.  I stopped.

No more!!  Legs were a burning and I knew I started call in again in 30 minutes and wanted to shower.  I do recommend this run though.  It was just beautiful.  It definitely made me happy to live in Boise and the fact that I am able to run.


  1. Yay! I'm glad you found my blog - another fellow boise running friend! :) I am excited to hear what race you plan to do next. I think you may have said Zeitgeist on my blog? I was hoping to do it until I got my recommendation from the PT yesterday. Post marathon injury. BLAH! :( But keep up the good work. I am probably going to hit you up for Robie tips. I am seriously considering it!! :)

  2. Wow! That sounds like an intense run. Good job getting through it all.