Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Motivation... or lack there of

This last week I pretty much had no interest in the thing I usually love most.  Doing any sort of exerting sounded like hell.  I wanted my muscles to turn to mush and just to have some beers and not worry about having to run, cycle, swim, and my least favorite any sort of weights!!

This last week at work I took a five day stretch of call.  That did tucker me out.  Plus, we were starting a new computer system at work that made everything take about an hour longer.  Then I had three nights in a row of overtime.  Alright enough complaining.

Zeb and I decided to head up to McCall for the weekend.  I packed everything that I would need for my weekend workouts since Zeb was going to be out hunting.  Well, I didn't do any of them.  The weather was cold and wet.  I just wasn't mentally prepared for it yet.  But, here we have a horribly rainy Tuesday in Boise.  I took today as a low census day and decided to get back on the wagon.

I actually went to the pool.  The pool and I have a tumultuous relationship.  I am getting better at technique but I get discouraged easily.  I am going to attend swim workshop this weekend so I hope that helps.

1400 yards in 50 some minutes.  Not too shabby for me.  Not only did I swim.  I rode my trainer.  For 65 minutes!  I do feel so much better!  I do need to mentally prepare for the cold football game tonight though.

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