Sunday, October 31, 2010

Longgggg Run

Today was the day!  The longest run of the training session.  I woke up and could hear the cars driving on a wet road.  Great.  I knew there was no putting this off.  I was to meet Tegan for a swim workshop at 9 then off to meet Katie at 1030 for the long run.

I am very uncomfortable in the water.  My biggest problem is I can't relax.  I tense up and sink.  It is just awesome.  I was pretty nervous to go the workshop knowing that I was having issues.  But, another girl that I know was having similar issues.  So, we worked on kicking drills and making our way through the water.  The immersion system works well just takes a lot of steps.  I am certainly hoping that things get better.

The long run was tough.  I am having trouble keeping my legs going to get to my target heart rate.  So the run was long and a lot of walking.  Plus, it was dumping rain.  We were soaked before we even really started running.  Katie needed to do 16 so we were going to turn around at an hour to refuel at the cars.  The rain finally started to decrease 2 hours in.  Thank goodness.

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  1. Omigawsh - way to rock the long run! Running in the rain is not always fun, but good for you for sticking it out!