Saturday, October 30, 2010

Last Week of October

Back in the game... Or so I think.  So far workouts have gone pretty well this week.  I had another lactate test, ran with Katie, did a brick workout today, and tomorrow have a swim class and a 3:45 hour run.  Tegan and I have to meet up with our coach to talk about our training because we are having some heart rate issues.  I wonder if they are not lazy issues with me.

Mom and I went to the BSU game this week.  I love having season tickets and being and Alumna.  But, it was damn cold.

I put Zeb on an airplane yesterday so he could have a dude's weekend with some friends in San Diego.  So, today I did a brick workout.  I rode with Tegan and Kathy.  Alyssa joined us for the run.  I definitely need to invest in some shoe covers for my bike.  My toes and balls of my feet were so cold.  It hurt so bad when they got feeling back.

The bike was windy on the way out.  I love the run we did.  It was mostly on dirt and along the river.

Well, off to my mom's with the dog to watch some college football!!

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