Tuesday, October 19, 2010

City of Trees Half Marathon Race Report

This was the second year that I ran this race.  Last year it rained.  I mean poured.  I had never been so wet in my life.  But, this year the weather was amazing.  It was sunny, not a cloud in the sky.  I met Tegan and Trina at the race start at 8 and were able to watch the marathoners start.  Not very many people run the marathon so it was rather quick.  I was pretty nervous for this race.  I really wanted to break two hours.

Tegan, Caitlin, and I did a 1.5 warm up on the Greenbelt near the start.  It was slow and felt nice to warm up the legs.

Here are my miles.

Avg Pace

The first mile felt great.  I started out with Tegan in the middle of the pack.  I was already warmed up so I decided to take off a bit.  This race is pretty flat.  I didn't feel like I was pushing myself too hard at the beginning.

Mile 7 was my blow up mile.  Around mile 5, a lady started running with me.  She liked my pace and I like hers.  We started talking about goals and we both were wanting to break 2 hours.  Well, she unfortunately was faster than I was but I was determined to keep up with her.  I climbed the hill at mile 6-7 going way too fast.  I just kept up with her and knew there was going to be trouble.  I am supposed to be keeping my heart rate under 180 which is where I am anaerobic.  Well, I was averaging in the 185 range.  Blow up was inevitable.

Mile 9 I had to talk a small walk break.  I knew my end was near.  We are coming across Federal Way and I was tired.  The same group of people kept passing me and I would pass them when I would get the  energy.  I knew at mile 10 there was a downhill on Capitol.  I knew I could pick up some time.  So, my mileage was ok coming down that hill.  I was feeling great.  But, at mile 11 it plateaued and I was screwed.  I couldn't keep up anymore.  All the thoughts in my head were negative.  I don't have the mental encouragement to make myself keep running.  I know that is something that I have to work on.

Miles 11 and 12 were miserable.  On top of feeling like garbage, Trina's husband, Ryan, passes me.  He is running the marathon and is on par to run close to a 3 hour marathon.  He passes me right when I start to walk again.  All I am thinking to myself is "Amber he is running a 3 hour marathon and you can't freaking run?"  So, I start to run.

I see the red bridge and start to sprint.  I have always been able to have a finishing kick.  Plus, I know that my husband and mom and dad are there at the finish.  Well, I started my sprint too quickly and once I get close to the chute and where the spectators are I am losing my finishing speed.  I turn the corner to see the end and am so excited!!  I get my medal and I know I didn't hit my goal but was happy to finish.

I see my family and we wait for Tegan to come across the finish.  She gets a PR of 5 minutes!!!  We stretched, ate, had a beer, and chatted with the other runners.  

Final Time:  2:05:08  PR by 26 seconds.  I guess you can't beat that!!

Here is the course on my Garmin:

My only real issue with this race was that there was no Gatorade or Powerade at the finish.  The aid stations were a little stingy on the water.  And as always with races in Boise, the lack of support from the city.  I would love to have more people lining the streets to support all of the runners.  Overall, really enjoy the race when it doesn't rain.

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