Saturday, August 21, 2010


The end of the week is here!!  Today is a big day.  I am getting gussied up for a bachelorette party tonight! I am actually excited to have a night out with some friends.  With the husband gone I have been able to dance around, listen to my music loud, and just be.  Sometimes a little downtime with yourself is fabulous.

Saturday started off with meeting Tegan for our bike/run/swim.  I was pumped!  Though a little too much caffeine this morning attributed to a higher than normal heart rate.

Bike: we were to stay in Zone 2 so trying to stay under 130.  I tried really hard!  I averaged 130 though.  We were to try to average a cadence between 90-100.  I averaged 90.


Run:  we were to stay in Zone 2 for most of the workout.  I averaged 140.  It was difficult to not want to run fast.  But, this is supposed to help!!  


Swim: I was pretty tired. I did mostly drills. Definitely need to think about swimming first if I want a
really good swim workout
Lap 1: 2:42
Lap 2: 3:04
Lap 3: 2:54
Lap 4: 3:15
Lap 5: 4:05
Lap 6: 3:48

I have to meet up with Anna and Alyssa at 530. Can't wait for a fun night!!

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