Saturday, August 14, 2010

More Recovery and Baseball

This week has sort of been a complete waste.  My mouth hasn't really felt good at all.  I had high hopes to be ambitious and get house stuff done and actually work out.  None of this happened.  I am still not feeling up to running.  Alyssa had wanted to run this morning but there is just no way.

Zeb and I did make it to a baseball game last night though.  We met his friend Kyle and watched the Boise Hawks.  They lost to Tri Cities which was a bummer.  But, it was nice to get out.  We were able to ride our bikes the less than two miles to the stadium.  I absolutely love how close we are to everything.

Yesterday also included getting to see one of my best friends!!  She was in town briefly from Tennessee where she will be starting her second year of law school at Vanderbilt.  She is one of the people that even if you haven't talked in a while everything just falls back into place.  She had also had a tooth procedure done this week and was quite puffy like me.  Our dogs love to play with one another so they got to do that and Emily and I got to shop.

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