Friday, August 20, 2010

Dinner, Drinks, Workouts, Oh My!

Wow!!  Where did this week go?  I have got to get better about picture taking to document my adventures. This next week that is my goal.  Actually starting tomorrow.

I am still waiting on the results of the blood lactate test so I won't go into that now.  I sort of took my first week of training easy.
Monday: lactate test and strength training
Tuesday: rest and burgers with Alyssa, Chris, and my hubby
Wednesday: drinks and dinner at the Cottonwood for work.  Though Jocelyn and I walked 3.5 miles home.
Thursday: Lap Swim  700 yards in 22:17:38  I am slow.
       1: 2:32
       2: 3:10
       3: 3:28
       4: 3:21
       5: 3:13
       6: 3:21
       7: 3:09
    Then a 30 minute bike.  I tried so hard to keep my cadence above 95 rpm.  The Greenbelt was so busy around 330.  But, I had to get to dinner so I just dealt with it.

After the workout, hubby dropped me off downtown for another work dinner.
Friday: Rest day! Staying up too late definitely had me tired. Husband is out of town for a wedding andI have a party tomorrow night so I stayed in town. Though tonight I made a new batch of almond butter, nutella, and pesto. Very productive!

Tomorrow I will post the workout with Tegan and maybe even some pictures from the bachelorette party!


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