Friday, August 27, 2010


Well this week is just about in the bank.  Zeb is gone hiking Mt. Borah and I am at home on call.  At least tonight.  I picked up some extra call this week to help pad the bank account.  I was on call Monday, Thursday, and now tonight until Saturday at 7 am.  I did get in some great workouts though.

I ran on Tuesday.  I didn't have my new heart rates that I have now.
:10 at L1-L2
:10 at L2-L3
:05 stretch
:10 at L2
:25 at L3
:10 at L1
I had some distance calculation issues so had to walk for over a mile home.

I swam on Wednesday. I was supposed to bike afterwards but it was so hot. And it was a rough day at work.
Lap 1: 2:32
Lap 2: 2:56
Lap 3: 2:54
Lap 4: 3:06
Lap 5: 2:56
Lap 6: 4:33
Lap 7: 3:00
Lap 8: 3:03
I was an ok swim. The pool was busy. I don't like seeing people from work when I swim. So, I was
just overall uncomfortable. But, tomorrow for my swim, I am taking a second lesson from Shannon at
Flow Aquatics. I also skipped my long bike yesterday first due to the heat and second because I was at
work from 530 till almost 10.

I am excited that the weather is cooling down. I am going to hit up the Saturday market with a friend
and then bike and run.

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