Wednesday, July 28, 2010

New to the Blog World

After following friends and other blogs recently I thought it would be fun to start one to keep family and friends informed of the things going on. Life just gets so busy that being able to talk to everyone you want to talk to can take quite a bit. So, to help ease the pain of my non-loving of talking on the phone friends here you go.

Being a newlywed, both of us working full time, both wanting to still have fun and enjoy friends, and also train for different events keeps us insanely busy. We recently just moved back to Boise and are so grateful that this opportunity presented itself. It is great to be back near our friends and family and the city we love so much.

I trained for the Newport Marathon with my friend Alyssa and us girls and our husbands were able to take a trip to the Oregon Coast. Joanna and Suzanne, two of my friends from Hailey, also trained with me for this race. It was Joanna and Suzanne's first and Alyssa and I's second.

Alyssa and I in the back of the car while the boys are navigating us on our 9 hour journey from Idaho to Oregon. The six of rented a house on the Oregon Coast. The picture above is the few from our house. It was great and way better than a hotel room! We all were in charge of certain meals and it was so nice to relax on the race morning.

Chris, Joanna, and Zeb exploring the shore on the beautiful day that we were blessed with. The coast can be pretty iffy on the weather. We were all able to enjoy the aquarium and have a great lunch at the Rogue Brewery for prerace carb loading.

The race was on Saturday morning and we had traveled to the Pacific timezone which I think was a benefit since waking up at 430 sort of felt like getting up at 530. The course was set along Yaquina Bay and was a very scenic course. It was an out and back which ended up being beneficial for me since I had a hard time towards the end of the race. Alyssa and I planned to run together for as long as we could. We both know that when you are ready to take off it is ok to leave the other in the dust. This year that would be me. I hadn't run in almost three weeks prior to the race. I had irritated my IT band and it was really starting to bother me. But, I finished. I was the last of the girls. Joanna, for her first marathon did amazing. She was under 4 hours. Suzanne finished in just over four. Alyssa came in around 4:34. I finished in 4:50 or so. It was fun. The post race beer was way better!!

The next marathon is planned for January in Phoenix with my friend Tegan. She has me addicted to triathlon's now. But, more on that later.

Tonight was a swim night with the group. It was my first group workout since Tegan talked me into training with a group. It was a swim in the pond. It was about 1200 yards. Which for me is pretty damn good. I am so so slow in the water right now. Definitely have to work on that. Zeb is out and about celebrating Jailadi tonight with a friend from San Diego and some other people. Just me and the dog hanging tonight.

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