Sunday, October 31, 2010

Longgggg Run

Today was the day!  The longest run of the training session.  I woke up and could hear the cars driving on a wet road.  Great.  I knew there was no putting this off.  I was to meet Tegan for a swim workshop at 9 then off to meet Katie at 1030 for the long run.

I am very uncomfortable in the water.  My biggest problem is I can't relax.  I tense up and sink.  It is just awesome.  I was pretty nervous to go the workshop knowing that I was having issues.  But, another girl that I know was having similar issues.  So, we worked on kicking drills and making our way through the water.  The immersion system works well just takes a lot of steps.  I am certainly hoping that things get better.

The long run was tough.  I am having trouble keeping my legs going to get to my target heart rate.  So the run was long and a lot of walking.  Plus, it was dumping rain.  We were soaked before we even really started running.  Katie needed to do 16 so we were going to turn around at an hour to refuel at the cars.  The rain finally started to decrease 2 hours in.  Thank goodness.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Last Week of October

Back in the game... Or so I think.  So far workouts have gone pretty well this week.  I had another lactate test, ran with Katie, did a brick workout today, and tomorrow have a swim class and a 3:45 hour run.  Tegan and I have to meet up with our coach to talk about our training because we are having some heart rate issues.  I wonder if they are not lazy issues with me.

Mom and I went to the BSU game this week.  I love having season tickets and being and Alumna.  But, it was damn cold.

I put Zeb on an airplane yesterday so he could have a dude's weekend with some friends in San Diego.  So, today I did a brick workout.  I rode with Tegan and Kathy.  Alyssa joined us for the run.  I definitely need to invest in some shoe covers for my bike.  My toes and balls of my feet were so cold.  It hurt so bad when they got feeling back.

The bike was windy on the way out.  I love the run we did.  It was mostly on dirt and along the river.

Well, off to my mom's with the dog to watch some college football!!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Motivation... or lack there of

This last week I pretty much had no interest in the thing I usually love most.  Doing any sort of exerting sounded like hell.  I wanted my muscles to turn to mush and just to have some beers and not worry about having to run, cycle, swim, and my least favorite any sort of weights!!

This last week at work I took a five day stretch of call.  That did tucker me out.  Plus, we were starting a new computer system at work that made everything take about an hour longer.  Then I had three nights in a row of overtime.  Alright enough complaining.

Zeb and I decided to head up to McCall for the weekend.  I packed everything that I would need for my weekend workouts since Zeb was going to be out hunting.  Well, I didn't do any of them.  The weather was cold and wet.  I just wasn't mentally prepared for it yet.  But, here we have a horribly rainy Tuesday in Boise.  I took today as a low census day and decided to get back on the wagon.

I actually went to the pool.  The pool and I have a tumultuous relationship.  I am getting better at technique but I get discouraged easily.  I am going to attend swim workshop this weekend so I hope that helps.

1400 yards in 50 some minutes.  Not too shabby for me.  Not only did I swim.  I rode my trainer.  For 65 minutes!  I do feel so much better!  I do need to mentally prepare for the cold football game tonight though.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Sunday Long Run-Waterfall

Sunday was to be a 3:10 hour run.  A few weeks ago, Trina, Tegan, and I had decided to do a foothills trail run.  They say running hills is supposed to make you faster.  (Not sure why because I can guarantee that I am a freaking snail).

I wake early as always to eat my wonderful oatmeal and get my act together.  I can't plan for my runs very well the night before.  Tegan calls in the morning and her sitter has cancelled.  Well, damn!  I appreciate Tegan on these runs because she and I are at a similar speed.  Now I am left to trailing behind Trina.  She is a very bold motivator though.  I hate being the caboose and having someone wait for me especially because I had never run this trail before.

We start at Camel's Back Park and head on up towards the Hull's Gulch Trailhead.  Feeling nice, definitely trying to keep up with Trina.  Realize when we hit the trailhead that if I want to run for 3 hours to chill out. She moves ahead and lets me know that she will meet me at the top of the Lower Hull's Gulch trail.  I walk/run my way up there.  Stumbling over the rocks.  I had forgotten how steep that can be.  Trina is waiting.......

We then head up towards the waterfall trail.  It is just amazing.  The colors are changing, the trail is covered in a ridiculous amount of animal poo.  Not sure which kind but had bump and weave my through it.  The trail as we start climbing is sort of switchbacks and bridges.  The view is amazing on the overcast day that we were having.

We make it 7.5 up to the rocks.  The view of the city is spectacular.  We both wished we ran with cameras.  Then we start our descent down the hill.  We both are flying down.  The grade is nice and pushes us along.  Once again Trina waits at the Lower Hulls area.

Once we stopped there, my stomach decided to do some topsy turvy work.  I had to walk it off.  My legs and knees were definitely tired.  I meet Trina at Camel's Back and we are at 2:51.  I bet you can guess what I did.  I stopped.

No more!!  Legs were a burning and I knew I started call in again in 30 minutes and wanted to shower.  I do recommend this run though.  It was just beautiful.  It definitely made me happy to live in Boise and the fact that I am able to run.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

City of Trees Half Marathon Race Report

This was the second year that I ran this race.  Last year it rained.  I mean poured.  I had never been so wet in my life.  But, this year the weather was amazing.  It was sunny, not a cloud in the sky.  I met Tegan and Trina at the race start at 8 and were able to watch the marathoners start.  Not very many people run the marathon so it was rather quick.  I was pretty nervous for this race.  I really wanted to break two hours.

Tegan, Caitlin, and I did a 1.5 warm up on the Greenbelt near the start.  It was slow and felt nice to warm up the legs.

Here are my miles.

Avg Pace

The first mile felt great.  I started out with Tegan in the middle of the pack.  I was already warmed up so I decided to take off a bit.  This race is pretty flat.  I didn't feel like I was pushing myself too hard at the beginning.

Mile 7 was my blow up mile.  Around mile 5, a lady started running with me.  She liked my pace and I like hers.  We started talking about goals and we both were wanting to break 2 hours.  Well, she unfortunately was faster than I was but I was determined to keep up with her.  I climbed the hill at mile 6-7 going way too fast.  I just kept up with her and knew there was going to be trouble.  I am supposed to be keeping my heart rate under 180 which is where I am anaerobic.  Well, I was averaging in the 185 range.  Blow up was inevitable.

Mile 9 I had to talk a small walk break.  I knew my end was near.  We are coming across Federal Way and I was tired.  The same group of people kept passing me and I would pass them when I would get the  energy.  I knew at mile 10 there was a downhill on Capitol.  I knew I could pick up some time.  So, my mileage was ok coming down that hill.  I was feeling great.  But, at mile 11 it plateaued and I was screwed.  I couldn't keep up anymore.  All the thoughts in my head were negative.  I don't have the mental encouragement to make myself keep running.  I know that is something that I have to work on.

Miles 11 and 12 were miserable.  On top of feeling like garbage, Trina's husband, Ryan, passes me.  He is running the marathon and is on par to run close to a 3 hour marathon.  He passes me right when I start to walk again.  All I am thinking to myself is "Amber he is running a 3 hour marathon and you can't freaking run?"  So, I start to run.

I see the red bridge and start to sprint.  I have always been able to have a finishing kick.  Plus, I know that my husband and mom and dad are there at the finish.  Well, I started my sprint too quickly and once I get close to the chute and where the spectators are I am losing my finishing speed.  I turn the corner to see the end and am so excited!!  I get my medal and I know I didn't hit my goal but was happy to finish.

I see my family and we wait for Tegan to come across the finish.  She gets a PR of 5 minutes!!!  We stretched, ate, had a beer, and chatted with the other runners.  

Final Time:  2:05:08  PR by 26 seconds.  I guess you can't beat that!!

Here is the course on my Garmin:

My only real issue with this race was that there was no Gatorade or Powerade at the finish.  The aid stations were a little stingy on the water.  And as always with races in Boise, the lack of support from the city.  I would love to have more people lining the streets to support all of the runners.  Overall, really enjoy the race when it doesn't rain.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Kelly and Nick's Wedding

Busy busy...  That is the only reason as to why I haven't been blogging.  And my laziness.  At least to typing.

We had two weddings in the month of September.  One of them being Kelly and the other being a college friend of Zeb's.  I have some great pics of some of the girls and guys from the wedding.

It was a great day!!  It was quite warm but that made the evening that much better.  We wish the happy couple all the best.

Friday, August 27, 2010


Well this week is just about in the bank.  Zeb is gone hiking Mt. Borah and I am at home on call.  At least tonight.  I picked up some extra call this week to help pad the bank account.  I was on call Monday, Thursday, and now tonight until Saturday at 7 am.  I did get in some great workouts though.

I ran on Tuesday.  I didn't have my new heart rates that I have now.
:10 at L1-L2
:10 at L2-L3
:05 stretch
:10 at L2
:25 at L3
:10 at L1
I had some distance calculation issues so had to walk for over a mile home.

I swam on Wednesday. I was supposed to bike afterwards but it was so hot. And it was a rough day at work.
Lap 1: 2:32
Lap 2: 2:56
Lap 3: 2:54
Lap 4: 3:06
Lap 5: 2:56
Lap 6: 4:33
Lap 7: 3:00
Lap 8: 3:03
I was an ok swim. The pool was busy. I don't like seeing people from work when I swim. So, I was
just overall uncomfortable. But, tomorrow for my swim, I am taking a second lesson from Shannon at
Flow Aquatics. I also skipped my long bike yesterday first due to the heat and second because I was at
work from 530 till almost 10.

I am excited that the weather is cooling down. I am going to hit up the Saturday market with a friend
and then bike and run.

Sunday, August 22, 2010


I kept low key last night and I am still wiped!  Bachelorette parties are a blast.  I just wasn't really in the party mode last night.  I knew I had to get up early for a workout and needed to feel decent for it.  But, it was fun to see some of the girls in action.


This morning was a sunrise run with Tegan.  We went into the foothills for the Hull's Gulch loop.  We had to jump lots of tumbleweeds and down branches from the crazy storm last night.  Today we were at least able to get into Level 3 for HR for 30 minutes.  Hill work is difficult when you are monitoring your heart rate.  I am still trying to get used to seeing my minute miles be so long.  

Tomorrow is a rest day and my hubby's 30th birthday!!!

Saturday, August 21, 2010


The end of the week is here!!  Today is a big day.  I am getting gussied up for a bachelorette party tonight! I am actually excited to have a night out with some friends.  With the husband gone I have been able to dance around, listen to my music loud, and just be.  Sometimes a little downtime with yourself is fabulous.

Saturday started off with meeting Tegan for our bike/run/swim.  I was pumped!  Though a little too much caffeine this morning attributed to a higher than normal heart rate.

Bike: we were to stay in Zone 2 so trying to stay under 130.  I tried really hard!  I averaged 130 though.  We were to try to average a cadence between 90-100.  I averaged 90.


Run:  we were to stay in Zone 2 for most of the workout.  I averaged 140.  It was difficult to not want to run fast.  But, this is supposed to help!!  


Swim: I was pretty tired. I did mostly drills. Definitely need to think about swimming first if I want a
really good swim workout
Lap 1: 2:42
Lap 2: 3:04
Lap 3: 2:54
Lap 4: 3:15
Lap 5: 4:05
Lap 6: 3:48

I have to meet up with Anna and Alyssa at 530. Can't wait for a fun night!!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Dinner, Drinks, Workouts, Oh My!

Wow!!  Where did this week go?  I have got to get better about picture taking to document my adventures. This next week that is my goal.  Actually starting tomorrow.

I am still waiting on the results of the blood lactate test so I won't go into that now.  I sort of took my first week of training easy.
Monday: lactate test and strength training
Tuesday: rest and burgers with Alyssa, Chris, and my hubby
Wednesday: drinks and dinner at the Cottonwood for work.  Though Jocelyn and I walked 3.5 miles home.
Thursday: Lap Swim  700 yards in 22:17:38  I am slow.
       1: 2:32
       2: 3:10
       3: 3:28
       4: 3:21
       5: 3:13
       6: 3:21
       7: 3:09
    Then a 30 minute bike.  I tried so hard to keep my cadence above 95 rpm.  The Greenbelt was so busy around 330.  But, I had to get to dinner so I just dealt with it.

After the workout, hubby dropped me off downtown for another work dinner.
Friday: Rest day! Staying up too late definitely had me tired. Husband is out of town for a wedding andI have a party tomorrow night so I stayed in town. Though tonight I made a new batch of almond butter, nutella, and pesto. Very productive!

Tomorrow I will post the workout with Tegan and maybe even some pictures from the bachelorette party!


Monday, August 16, 2010

First Day for Phoenix Training

Yikes...  Maybe that rest week wasn't all it was cracked up to be.  My quads are on fire!  I did run 5 miles in the foothills yesterday and it had been awhile since I ran.

Today was the blood lactate test.  Tegan tells me 20 minutes before my appointment that they have to prick your finger to draw blood.  Why that never occurred to me I am not sure.  It was a learning experience.  I will post the results when they are emailed to me.  But, I would definitely recommend it if you have been running or cycling for awhile and need to improve or want to change up your routines.

My problem has always been that I get stagnant when I run.  I consistently will go out and do the distance but I never put in the time and effort to work on speed work or just changing my pace.  I love just doing what is easy.  Well, running on the treadmill for 3.5 miles, getting my finger poked, and then coming home and doing the strength routine just about killed me.

I did make a great dinner tonight though.  I feel funny taking pictures of it but I should have.  It will most likely be a staple.  I modified this recipe from Simply Recipes.
Baked Shrimp and Quinoa
1 cup quinoa cooked and set aside
1 tablespoon olive oil heated up
1/2 white onion chopped and sauteed
2 tablespoons minced garlic sauteed
1 can of S&W sliced tomatoes with green chiles and spices added in and boiled for about 10 minutes till thick
Dump all of this into a bakeable dish.  Add the shrimp, 1 tsp of dill, 1 tsp of oregano, 1/3 cup feta and bake at 425 for 15 minutes.

We used the quinoa as our pasta and mixed this stuff all in it!  It was so yummy!!!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

More Recovery and Baseball

This week has sort of been a complete waste.  My mouth hasn't really felt good at all.  I had high hopes to be ambitious and get house stuff done and actually work out.  None of this happened.  I am still not feeling up to running.  Alyssa had wanted to run this morning but there is just no way.

Zeb and I did make it to a baseball game last night though.  We met his friend Kyle and watched the Boise Hawks.  They lost to Tri Cities which was a bummer.  But, it was nice to get out.  We were able to ride our bikes the less than two miles to the stadium.  I absolutely love how close we are to everything.

Yesterday also included getting to see one of my best friends!!  She was in town briefly from Tennessee where she will be starting her second year of law school at Vanderbilt.  She is one of the people that even if you haven't talked in a while everything just falls back into place.  She had also had a tooth procedure done this week and was quite puffy like me.  Our dogs love to play with one another so they got to do that and Emily and I got to shop.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Recovery and Heart Rate

I have been home since Tuesday recovering from some oral surgery.  I am finally feeling like getting up and moving around.  I am still pretty swollen but I have to make my way in to public today.

Tegan and I are using Michelle Stanweis from Performance High for our marathon training program.  I have been getting injured every time I train for a race.  So, this training plan is incorporating running, cycling, and swimming.  I can't wait to start next week.  Back to the point...  The training plan is based on heart rate training zones.  I have been trying to figure out what mine are.
RHR: 60
MHR: 193
HRR: 133

Zone 1 (fat burning zone): 127-140
Zone 2 (aerobic): 140-153
Zone 3 (steady state): 153-166
Zone 4 (anaerobic): 166-180
Zone 5 (maximal): 180-193

On Monday, I am going to do a lactate threshold test .  It will be nice to have actual numbers that are based on me to work on.  At least for running.  I am hoping to get on the bike trainer tonight and work my muscles a bit.  But, it all depends on how I feel after the dentist today.  My friend Emily may be in town today.  I hope I get to see her!

Sunday, August 8, 2010


The weekend is slowly coming to an end. I have been relatively lazy with my workouts since I have been on call. And the fact the training officially starts on August 16th! We did decide to buy a bed!

This is the bed we purchased! We had been looking for a platform bed for awhile. We also bought the dresser that goes with it.

This was actually our first homeish purchase together. It will be delivered in a few weeks. Which then gave us time to paint our room! We decided on a greyish blue which has turned out fabulous!

I also decided to make some almond butter today.
2 cups raw almonds
1/4 carob chips
1 tsp of cinnamon
1 tablespoon of agave nectar

I am so in love!!

The final result tastes amazing!!

In my stalking of food blogs, I came across a website that makes this soft serve from a banana. Since my cuisinart was dirty from the almond butter, I used it to make almond banana soft serve. I had froze a few bananas that were getting a tad ripe and it was a great after dinner snack on this warm day!

I should probably go help Zeb finish up with the painting!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Long Week

Oi!!! This is my first week of being on call and not being the extra person. I was on call Monday and went in for a few hours. Then I started a long streak on Thursday till this upcoming Tuesday morning. I have put in a few 12 hour days and just got home from work this morning. I did get some good workouts in this morning and was able to make some hazelnut butter.

The hazelnut butter consisted of:
I roasted the hazelnuts in the oven at 350 degrees for 10 minutes making sure to move them around quite a bit. I then put them in a dish rag and rubbed them around to get the shell off.
2 cups of roasted hazelnuts
2 tablespoons of agave nectar
2 tablespoons of cocoa powder

I put these in the cuisinart and started it up. The recipe is from HEAB with a few changes.

I was able to get in some great workouts this week though. Tegan and I went for a 24 mile bike ride on Tuesday night.
Then I went to group workout (Performance High and Team Dobbiaco) with Tegan and we did swim/run repeats in the pond and on the Greenbelt. I had to sit out a swim and was definitely the slowest in the group. But, I am improving in the open water.

I did swim 600 yards in the pool this morning but it was a horrible swim. Kept inhaling water. Yuck! I did swim 1200 yards on Monday at the pool and it felt great! My friend Tegan is particpating in the Emmett Olympic Triathlon this morning and I hope she is doing well!! I had wanted to do this race but had a change in work schedule and a life conflict. On some other big news, I did sign up for my third marathon! I am going to run the Phoenix Rock n' Roll with Tegan in January. I am excited to run a race that has thousands of participants!!

Tonight, Zeb and I are going to a bbq at a friend's house. It will be nice to get out and mingle. I am just hoping to not get called into work at all. We may even go bed shopping today!!! I also would like to get a cheap lap watch to swim with. That is another goal for the weekend. Since, I have no idea how long it takes me.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Girl's Weekend 2010

This weekend was a nice getaway from the heat of Boise. McCall was such a nice temperature compared to the 100 degree weather of Boise. There were eight girls who made the trek to Anna's cabin. We definitely had a house full of women, wine, and games. It was nice to hang out with some of the regulars and great to get to see some girls that I had never really hung out with. The first night was pretty uneventful. Just some girl talk and wine drinking. I got up and went running on Saturday morning.

It was nice to be overheating right at the beginning of the run. The morning was very relaxing while we waited for Joy to rise out of bed. Alyssa and Anna made breakfast and Anna and Kelly made a great lunch. We then went to the lake and took in some sun and cold water!

The night was dinner, bonfire, fend off the mosquitoes, and some games. We came home this afternoon. Definitely nice to get out of town. But, did miss the husband and dog!

Since I am in a sort of training mode I wanted to talk about my run a bit. I have been trying to work on averaging under a 10 minute mile. This has always been pretty hard for me. But, I was able to achieve it this weekend. It felt so great considering that I haven't been concentrating too hard on running.